Marketers have a tough job to do. To begin with, the job of identifying prospective customers requires extensive market research. Afterward, marketers must craft the right message using the best channels to connect with those prospects. Even after the sale, marketers have work to do as they execute remarking and customer loyalty campaigns.

New developments in artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help marketers accomplish more while improving their performance. Together with machine learning, AI can analyze and process mountains of information and automate time-consuming tasks. Although AI might still seem like future technology, it already powers the following tools that can simplify a marketer’s job.


  1. Optimize

Companies need to provide a personalized experience at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Optimove is a relationship marketing hub that conducts predictive analyses of available data. Its insights help marketers understand the customer needs and behaviors.


  1. Unmetric

Marketing professionals lack the necessary time to browse through endless social media posts and threads, trying to diagnose the performance of their brand. Unmetric simplifies this task using a custom AI engine that collects information about brand mentions, comments, and other signals.


  1. Indico

Most businesses have a wealth of unstructured data that, if properly interpreted, can support decision-making and provide customer insights. The reports generated by Indico can help marketers prioritize their tasks and focus on the most profitable channels and customers.


  1. Sysomos

Several applications come with Sysomos, an AI tool that helps marketers measure social media sentiment for their brand. The data provided by Sysomos can help companies identify and target appropriate audiences for marketing activities. Additionally, this suite of tools can expedite the analysis of competitors and assess organizational performance.


  1. Gumgum

Companies can use Gumgum to track their performance across multiple marketing platforms. The AI technology that drives the app can analyze the related images and videos that use a particular logo. Gumgum can also help marketers identify influencers that can contribute to their overall goals.


  1. Idio

Idio uses AI to provide a cross-channel data profile that helps marketers understand customers, influencers and competitors. Automated recommendations help marketers to work efficiently and intentionally to achieve their goals.

In summary, AI tools can help marketers prioritize their tasks, monitor their results, and plan for the future. AI-based tools will continue to emerge and evolve in ways that will permanently change the marketing industry.