2018 has been a pretty difficult year for cryptocurrency. However, investors are anticipating a bull run in 2019. With that said, you will want to know a couple of things as we head into the new year. First, you will want to know which blockchain projects look the most promising for 2019, as well as the altcoins that have the most solid investment fundamentals. So, let’s take a look at some of the best cryptocurrencies you might want to invest in 2019.


Binance Coin

One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world is currently Binance, and as we head into 2019, experts see it growing even bigger. As more people invest in this cryptocurrency, its user base will continue to grow. They are very well established making them one of the first port of call for newcomers in the cryptocurrency trading market. Plus, due to the people’s reliance on Binance, it has become one of the most traded coins on the market. One of the benefits of trading with BNB coins is that you get a discount on the exchange fees. They also have a solid affiliate referral scheme that contributes to the company’s growth. The exchange is also easy to use and has yet to cause any major security problems.



To this day, Bitcoin still dominates the cryptocurrency market, and it is the main trading pair for all the other altcoins. For example, if you want to trade OmiseGo, you will need Bitcoin to do so. Plus, if Bitcoin prices increase, the rest of the market will follow suit and vice versa. When Bitcoin’s price goes down, it affects the other altcoins. Bitcoin, currently also has the highest market cap along with the world’s biggest cryptocurrency community and is the most talked about brand within the industry.



Ethereum is a unique altcoin with a platform that is designed for the launching of decentralized applications. While it faces a lot of competition within that industry, its total market cap is still higher than any of their competitors. The goal in 2019 will be to make Ethereum more scalable which is its biggest barrier to growth. Many users have complained that it is too slow to handle such mass volumes of transactions. To remedy such issues, Ethereum has already developed its initial version of Casper Protocol which will make is a Proof of Stake blockchain and it will be more secure and scalable.