Artificial intelligence, like machine learning, has remained to be a buzzword in the field of technology. The industry has yet to realize the large-scale implementation and benefits of artificial intelligence. A significant number of industrial players continue to wonder what will take artificial intelligence to the next level. Here are some of the factors that need to be implemented for AI to move to the next stage.


  1. Market Opportunities

Creating new market opportunities means that some new market needs will emerge that needs to be solved using advanced technology. The success of the market depends on how further the market has incorporated advanced technology. This will create an opportunity for continued research and development with the aim of using AI to solve the already existing market needs. Therefore, one of the main aspects required to move AI to the next level is investing in different market opportunities.


  1. Implementing Radical Ideas

Artificial intelligence will not grow if there will not be creativity in the industry. Scientific discoveries play a vital role in the growth of other technological areas. Learning institutions and industries as well should encourage individuals to come up with radical and creative ideas, which can be implemented by incorporating them with AI. Collaborating with research and academic institutions is expected to take AI to the next level through development and implementation of radical ideas.


  1. Openness

There is no way that artificial intelligence will be expected to grow without collaboration from different industrial players. Both academic and industrial players need to join hands and share their scientific research. There should exist an open eco-system where industries and academic organizations share their scientific research and findings with the aim of coming up with a joint path for implementing AI. Openness will accelerate the growth and expansion of artificial intelligence to the next level.


  1. Complementary Strengths

Artificial intelligence is becoming a vital advanced technology in the daily lives of individuals and companies as well. This means that everybody in the industry is benefiting. Due to that realization, there needs to be a joint effort and cross-disciplinary effort that complement each other in ensuring that artificial intelligence is taken to the next level. Integrating different disciplines such as computer science, economics, and even mathematics will significantly bring individuals close to the realization of AI benefits.