Millennials are now the largest segment of adult workers. This generation of employees grew up in a very different world from their predecessors and expect an alternate working environment from those who came before them. Companies need to know how Millennials work best to manage them effectively. Managers can get the most out of their Millennial workforce by using these tips.

Diversity of Assignments

Growing up, Millennials had quick access to what they wanted and a multitude of consumer options. Even as adults, Millennials still expect a face-paced and varied environment. Managers can have Millennials cross-train in multiple departments and teams, participate in projects outside of their knowledge base, and move up the career ladder quickly.

Alternative Work Arrangements

Companies can attract star talent by offering alternative work arrangements for Millennials. They value a balance between work and their personal lives. They also envision the result as their primary focus. As long as they get the work done, they do not need to be at their office desk all day. Managers can allow flexible work schedules, remote work opportunities, and increase the number of available vacation days.

Leadership as Mentorship

Rather than operating within the confines of traditional leadership, Millennials work better in a more egalitarian workplace. Millennials do not respond well to tough bosses that dictate. Instead, they want an open management culture in which they feel valued. Transformational leadership qualities, such as inclusion in decision making and on teams, facilitate Millennial involvement. Millennials also want managers to give guidance, not orders. They need informal performance reviews more often, advice on how to further their careers, and recognition for doing something well.

Development Opportunities

Millennials are constant learners who crave a challenge. Professional and personal development are key drivers for the Millennial workforce. Managers can allocate funding to attend conferences. Workshops at the office featuring experts in the field allow Millennials to hone their skills. Networking and social events with the company and others in the industry keep Millennials motivated.


Although Millennials have a different approach to the workplace, they bring a lot of passion and drive for the work they do. Millennials are ambitious. They just need effective management to make the most of their skills.