As more businesses move to the cloud, IT teams can be a great help in the transition. Internal IT teams have the experience and knowledge to help the cloud migration team move forward. Here are some ways IT teams can help in the transition process:


Architecture and Design of New Environment

IT staff have a deep understanding of the business and technical requirements of various departments. When a managed service provider (MSP) or system integrator (SI) is designing the architecture of the new cloud environment, input from IT can produce better results. Leveraging IT experience will help cloud architects and designers avoid mistakes that have been made before. It can speed up the whole design process.


Standardization of Templates and Policies

IT departments develop strategies to combat repetitive tasks. They create templates and scripts that automate processes. They have policies in place that avoid users from repeating bad behavior. For cloud migration teams, this is a rich source of information. MSPs and SIs can discuss the standard processes that the IT teams have implemented. They can use this knowledge to create similar automation in the cloud environment. It will help improve processes and increase productivity. The transition team wouldn’t have to invest new resources to previously resolved issues.


Exploration of Emerging Technologies

Due to the intimate knowledge of the current systems, IT teams understand how various business requirements fit together. During cloud transition, if an organization is thinking of deploying emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence or big data analytics, IT teams should be the first point of contact. They can tell the cloud migration teams about the hurdles in any emerging technology implementation.


Updating Legacy Applications

Cloud transition is a great opportunity to get rid of any older software. Internal IT knows the applications that are problematic. They can help the transition team figure out which ones to retain and which ones to retire. It will speed up the evaluation process.

For MSP or SI, the internal IT department of an organization is a valuable resource for providing guidance and support. Also, post-transition the internal IT will shoulder the maintenance of the systems. So it is important to get the IT department involved from the beginning of the cloud transition process.