Dallas, Texas is known for many things, such as stunning architecture, Super Bowl champions, a huge variety of museums, Big Tex, State Fairs, an airport larger than Manhattan, America’s very first shopping center, famous blues clubs, and generally having a larger-than-life attitude. The Lone Star State got its nickname to serve as a reminder about their struggle to separate from Mexico. The logo is proudly displayed everywhere, from the state flag to the state’s seal. 

Another thing Dallas is known for is the food. From the upscale to the affordable, Dallas has an abundance of cafes, bistros, steak houses, pubs, vegan restaurants, tearooms, and automats to satisfy every possible taste palette. There are high-priced eateries and casual ones that cater to locals and tourists alike. 

One popular dish is chile con queso, which is Spanish for chile with cheese. The cheese is the star here, and this dish is on almost every menu. Served with a side of chips and salsa, it’s the perfect light appetizer or snack. when you need to come in from the heat. 

Another favorite style of cuisine originates from the Tejano people of Texas and is literally called Tex-Mex. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the same as Mexican food. Tex-Mex dishes primarily use any or all of the following ingredients: beef, canned vegetables, black beans, wheat flour, or yellow cheese. Some popular examples include fajitas and nachos. Authentic Mexican food differs in that it doesn’t feature a lot of these same ingredients because they are not authentic or as easily accessible. 

Frito pie is pretty much what it sounds like. It is a savory dish, with crunchy corn chips acting as the base. While Texas is not the only Southwestern region to have embraced this particular delicacy, they do put their own spin on it. The most basic version is just corn chips topped with chili. Other variations include shredded cheese and onions on top. Unlike its neighboring dish, nachos, Frito pie is eaten with a fork, sometimes straight out of the bag resting in a paper boat. 

For those who want a little more meat on their bones, there is nothing more comforting or heartier than a dish of chicken-fried steak and a side of fried okra. Despite the name, there is no actual chicken in this dish. The term refers to the method used to bread and fry the steak, once it’s been pounded flat with a mallet. Also known as country fried steak, the piece of meat is then fried until it resembles a piece of fried chicken.