Artificial Intelligence has recently become a popular topic of discussion. More specifically, people are becoming wary when it comes to adapting AI in their industry as there is a common misconception that AI machines may replace employees in their jobs. Many AI advocates are arguing the opposite, that in fact, AI will not replace our jobs, but instead will make our jobs easier and more fulfilling.


One of the most essential aspects of any job is emotional intelligence. This can cover a variety of meanings in any industry or position, but one thing remains the same across the board – emotional intelligence is a human emotion. It is not something that can be programmed into a machine. Whether it is a manager overseeing 30 employees in a corporation, or a teacher educating 30 students in a classroom, emotional intelligence will always be a necessity above artificial intelligence. Compassion and empathy affect employee satisfaction, stronger learning, and understanding from students, and the overall well-being of an institution. Additionally, consumers react well to personal experiences. Human emotion cannot be coded into a machine, nor can it fully be understood by humans. It is a unique trait that cannot become artificial.   


The use of AI in any industry will more likely increase the efficiency of any job. With most jobs, there is a level of automation that has to be performed to carry out tasks and wanted results. Incorporating AI into these tasks will automate the repetitive, and sometimes monotonous, aspects of the position. This provides employees with more time in their day that they can use in for other important tasks that actually require human emotion or comprehension. Using AI can also reduce liability in the workplace by utilizing a machine to do work that is otherwise dangerous. Machines are dispensable. They can be replaced or repaired if they break down or suffer from a technical injury. People will be safer allowing AI technology to overtake risky tasks. Most employees will see no difference in turnover or positions being taken away by AI. They may even see an increase in job opportunities thanks to the automation and efficiency of AI machines.     


As in many positions, a level of creativity is vital to the success of a company. While AI can increase efficiency with data mining and repetitive tasks, it has to be programmed to know what to do or what to look for. AI machines lack the ability to take learned information from the past and apply it cognitively to a new affair. The complexity of the human mind is an irreplaceable tool for any profession.